Hi, We are Sevval USA office. We are here to serve great roasting and processing lines as Sevval USA team.

We help producer better and tastier nuts and develop new products. Nuts need to produce daily and distribute fresh content. Need something different for your processsing? Let's get in touch!




We are the only global manufacturer of nut roasting machinery company where our CEO head of manufacturing department is former CEO of nut producing company. Thus we can understand your problems and challenges while processing and producing of nuts. Our Sales team has technical and production skill back ground to serve our customer.

We build hundred companies from little production to high volume production by base on production experiences.

Project Management

Our team take care of your needs and apply best processing flow in your current facilty.

Engineering Solutions

Our focus is do engineering to customized solution to reach your production targets

Training and Technical support

We share base roasting and processing know how with our partners.

New Product Developing

We help to develop need product innovation base on our 73 years experiences.

Latest works

I design, manufactured and support nuts processors.
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Interested? Let's get in touch!

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